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May The Books Be Ever In Your Favor

A list of Must Read Books for Young Adult Fantasy and SciFi lovers (plus a lot are free!)

Whether you're a reader who can run through a book a day, or an audiobook lover who can listen to a stack of novels while plugging away at your job, this is something you'll want to check out.

Now that we are entering May, it means we are entering a new list of free giveaways, review books, kindle unlimited reads, and audiobook review copies that you will want to claim up and enjoy in the lengthening summer days.

Most of these are angled toward my fellow young adult readers, with the occasional middle grade thrown in, so there is a book for everyone. The best part of a free book isn't the free portion but the new story you will get to discover.

I myself recently went through an audio review copy of King's Warrior (which is listed in one of the links below) and found it to be a fantastic Fantasy Adventure. This had my perfect twist of action, adventure, danger, dragons, swords, and twists. When the country is facing threat from a long feared enemy, the Princess, a Squire, the King's Warrior, and a young boy, are all that might be able to save the Kingdom from certain collapse into Darkness. The tale was really brought to life with the narrator's excellent talents. So, be sure you go check it out as well as the other books listed in these links.

I'll break these out by category so it's that much easier for you to find what you're seeking

Don't wait! Some of these end VERY VERY SOON!


Sales & Kindle Unlimited Novels:


Short Free Reads:


Review Audio Copies:

Be sure you read, review, repeat. Authors such as myself can not thank you enough for your support and sharing your feedback. If you really love a book, be sure to pass that on to your reader friends, groups, and family.


C. J. R. Isely

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