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What's Next - Short Stories And The Works

Last month, The Fallen Heir hit Amazon as the third book in the William of Alamore series. This is the longest of the series and was, ironically, the fastest to go from start to publication.

But, though I might pat myself on the back for a work that only takes months rather than years, my readers are whipping through these books in hours (and I love you all for that. Thank you!)

So - what is next?

Well, if you are waiting to see my pen name on book four, that will take some time (hopefully not too long as it is starting). If, however, you're interested in finding others of my works before then, I am excited to announcing that on May 23rd, 2022, a short story anthology will be released and will feature yours truly.

What is this anthology?

It's a collection of stories by myself and 12 other authors - fantasy, horror, retellings, and dystopian. As I normally like to do, I decided to take my own little twist on history with my story - Curse of the Beast.

This is my retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but with the old legend of The Beast of Gévaudan thrown into the lot. It doesn't tie at all into the Alamore books, but it ties in some fantasy elements and is my first attempt at a book coming in under 100,000 words (yay!)

This anthology will be listed for FREE on Amazon, Scribd, Kobo, and other platforms so you can pursue it at your own leisure. There you will be able to find other authors you may never have read before and learn more about their full length works.

I seriously can't express how excited I am for this anthology! These authors have been amazing to work with and really knock it out of the park with their fantastic stories.

But is there more?

Am I working on anything else?

Again - yes. I am working on book four, naturally, but also have a good start to the first book in a dark fantasy academy series. I don't want to spoil anything yet and will be doing a title release when draft one is done (about 1/4 of the way there.) But I can't wait to release this one to such fantastic readers as yourself.

And book four...

While I have a working title, I am witholding that for two reasons

  1. I want to finish draft one

  2. I don't like my own working title that much

But it is started and coming together very nicely (thought the start of a book is always the hardest thing for me for some reason.) You will see some familiar characters from Book Three so make sure you've read The Fallen Heir (maybe a couple times because I need some time!)

That's it from me for an update for this week. Over the next few days (9 actually) I will be running all over the place as, in my day to day life, I am preparing for my own wedding :)

So, until next time!


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