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C. J. R. Isely first discovered her love of writing as a young child, creating worlds of fantasy and characters of fiction.

At the age of 12 she wrote and completed her first book - Ranger of Kings - which was shortly followed by five more in the series, as well as two other books that she wrote in her spare time. Once she was done with those, she promptly allowed them all to sit, unread and unpublished, in files on an old computer and plastic binders on a bookshelf.

It wasn't until half a lifetime later, at 25, that she decided to open the books again and revisit her old friends of fiction.

Now she has published Ranger of Kings, as well as written The Falcon and The Stag to give more insight to the world of Alamore, and is currently in the process of editing the sequel of Ranger of Kings - which has been testing every ounce of resolve she has.

When not penning fiction, training horses, missing her days sailing on a Durbeck 46' sailing boat, or pestering her dog, C. J. R. Isely works a full-time job, works on her book marketing, and switches to pestering her own family. 

C. J. R. Isely is always game to connect with her readers and encourages you to reach out either through the site or any of the social media platforms she currently has! 

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