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There are secrets more deadly than blades...

Living as a lowly village boy, Will finds himself thrown into a world he could only dream of when he meets the mischievous son of an influential Lord and a calculating last heir of a powerful Count. Brought to Alamore castle, he can not believe his luck when he is invited to join his two new friends in training to become knights of the realm.

But training isn't all the grandeur and chivalry he imagined...

C. J. R. Isely's Official Site

Welcome to my official website, a place for readers to engage, authors to ask questions, or people who are accidentally stumbling through the internet to land out of pure fate. If you are unfamiliar with me, I am a young adult author who focuses on fantasy books. My current works, the William of Alamore series, are a low-fantasy book series that might strike you as unusual as they are a fantasy series without magic...which simply happened as I have little to no control of my runaway characters.

I hope you enjoy your visit and stay on this site. Remember to subscribe to receive a free copy of The Falcon and The Stag - A Tale of Alamore, as well as to keep in the loop for book events and giveaways.

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“Sometimes the ideas just come to me. Other times I have to sweat and almost bleed to make ideas come. It’s a mysterious process, but I hope I never find out exactly how it works. I like a mystery, as you may have noticed.”

- J. K. Rowling

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