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Where's your reading mood?

There's just something about curling up with a book on a laidback day that can't be beat. But finding the right spot to read can also make all the difference in the material you are reading.

When you pick up a book, where's your go to place?

If you could control the weather, what would it be?

Do you listen to music or enjoy the silence?

Sometimes I feel it depends on the book just as much as my mood. I am sure it is for each of us and I can only speak for myself; but what is your ideal reading place?

One thing is for certain - I love windows.

When I read by a window, it's a lot easier to imagine the world beyond the glass being part of the world inside the pages.

Something that makes this easier is that I live fairly remotely. Outside the windows in my house are hills, fields, and pastures of cattle and horses. Without much noise and chaos outside, there is little to distract me from my reading.


Oh man, if I could control the weather when I read, it'd be raining.

The sound of rain against a tin roof, the gentle rumble of distant thunder, the flecks of water collecting against the window, and the warmth of the house around me. Curled into a chair, knees in my chest, it wouldn't be perfect without the rain.

What's your drink?

For the morning, I always have to have my coffee, but the ideal when reading?

Tea. I love tea with a bit of cream and a tad of sugar, in the rain, in my reading nook... it's perfect

But when you read, what do you pick up: kindle or physical?

Physical books for me. The smell, the feel, the satisfaction of watching one side of the book shrink as the story grows in your mind, taking life, taking flight. You can't beat the sense of being surrounded by stories and shelves.

So, now that I've rambled - what's your ideal reading set up? If you could read anywhere in the world, where would that be?

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