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Now You Can Read Rowan's Story

When you plunge into the world of Alamore and Will's stories, you first meet the boy on the steps.

But what led the two squires down that street to practice sword fighting? What brought them face to face with the character who started the series?

Now, you can know a bit more about that fateful day from the mischievous eyes of Rowan Lonric himself in The Ranger's Request: An Exclusive Chapter.

This extra chapter has been added exclusively to my readers can learn more and see what Rowan did.

The way to access this chapter? Make sure you are subscribed! Once you subscribe, you will receive not only this retelling but also your free copy of The Falcon and The Stag.

So, make sure you don't miss a single tale of Alamore and get your copy of The Ranger's Request.

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