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Book Five is here ... six months early!

I can not wait for this book to launch. Honestly, of every book I've written, Tyrant of Traitors has been my favorite to create.

The story plunges into adventure, life, and the weight of the blood in Will's veins. And best of all? This book is set to launch six months early! That's right! After much thought and many edits, I am so excited to say that Tyrant of Traitors will no longer release in May of 2024, but this Tuesday instead! This Tuesday! With 145 pre-orders to date, I can't wait for people to start reading this and letting me know their thoughts. Clearly, I can't wait, hence the early drop. That said, I have a huge ask for each of you. As you read this book, I would be so grateful if you would please review the book on whichever platforms you tend to review books on! Whether its Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, or in Facebook groups and on Booktok. Send me your reviews if you want! I want to see what each of you think of Tyrant of Traitors, whether you love it or hate it, your thoughts mean a ton to me! And, of course, happy early launch

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