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Join the World of Alamore

It's hard when you close the final page of a book and find yourself waiting on the next. You want to talk to someone, anyone, discuss what world you've ventured into.

You turn on the spot only to find that no one else has heard of the book.

No one else has read it.

You're alone.

Well, if that lonely feeling came from the World of Alamore, you don't need to be alone any longer.

After a few weeks of debating, tossing the idea around and second guessing, I've decided it's time that the World of Alamore gain its own Facebook Group!

This is just kicking off as of right now but is a place where you can find other readers from the World of Alamore, book recommendations from those who've enjoyed the adventures of Will, Rowan, and Colin, as well as exclusive tid bits and finds related to the series.

What kind of exclusive, you ask? (Or maybe you didn't, either way, here's the answer)

Currently, I am learning a bit about Mid Journey and having AI create likenesses of the characters you love. I'll post an example below and let you guess 1. Who it is? and 2. Tell me how accurate or inaccurate AI is to your own vision of these characters.

There will be more to come from this group, questions to ask you all, times for other authors to discuss what books they think Alamore readers will enjoy. Again, this group is just kicking off, but I can't tell you how much I look forward to being in discussions with you, the readers, and having the chance for like-minded people to join the World of Alamore.

So, don't miss out! Join today:

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