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Book Four - William of Alamore - Update

As ever, the writing does continue!

Don't read ahead if you haven't read The Fallen Heir or you might be in for some minor spoilers...

The rough (and by rough and I mean really bloody rough) draft of book four in the William of Alamore has finally surpassed the 50,000 word mark. This means that the book is nearly at 1/3 for goal of rough draft (though my goals tend to get obliterated by my own story continuing regardless of what I tell the characters).

This writing has been interesting and it's hitting a stride that makes it entertaining. It's a fun chance to write a bit more about the lives of our characters now that they've returned to Alamore with the Queen of Alamore. For Alamore, this means celebrating the return of their Queen and being presented with their Princess for the first time.

You can expect a lot of interest and other returning characters from book three that we might not like as much as Queen Lyanra. You can also expect a new (and yet known) enemy to rise... because this time, even Thornten finds themselves in times of conflict that might keep them distracted from their attempts on Will's life.

Even though I've reached my 1/3 mark, however, I am struggling with titles. A few have come to mind but what is settled on remains to be seen. Perhaps, if one doesn't seem best compared to the rest, you will see a survey in a future newsletter asking for you, the reader, to decide. (So, make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss that or my random questions.)

This book is not the next release, however.

We still have Shadow of the Sword slotted for an October 31st release this year, something I can not wait to share with readers. Laster's backstory, how he became the lone knight that he is, has always been one I wanted to share and am so thankful for the chance to get it on paper and into the hands of readers like yourself. I truly hope you will enjoy it.

Make sure you preorder Shadow of the Sword from Amazon or mark your calendars for the audio release, also expected this fall.

As ever, I love hearing from readers so never hesitate to reach out with your questions!


CJR Isely

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