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To Celebrate Book Four--Let's Look Ahead at Book Five

Updated: May 12

Well, now that we have hit May and what feels like the five hundredth round of edits, I think it's time we move Rogue Amongst Royals up in our release dates!

This book has really been huge in every way.

It rounds out as the longest of the books with over 500 pages.

It rounds out as the most pre-ordered book in my writing career at over 100 pre-orders

It rounds out as the most ahead of the series I've managed to be with the fifth book already well underway and a new cover release ready for that fifth book.

And it will round out with a release about seven months early!

So, since we got over 100 pre-orders and since we are getting set to release book four, I wanted to share with you the first look at book five's cover.

Book Five, Tyrant of Traitors, is in the process of being released for Pre-Order today!

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