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The Story Continues - Book Two Coming Soon

You've asked and I'm listening!


Yesterday, April 8th of 2021, I put the final words in the first draft of the second book in the William of Alamore series.

This means several things - the books is now in revision/edit phase, I am now starting to go over my list of BETA readers, cover art is top of mind, and, naturally - you're ready for a title reveal. So here's what you can look forward to and what you can expect in the coming weeks.

First off let me say that I promise the revision stage is going fast! This is the part that I can generally whip through in little time. Fingers crossed we're aiming to have the release date extremely soon! It's just a matter of dotting the I's and crossing T's so the story can come to life again.

What is the title?


The story of William of Alamore continues in the sequel - The Cutthroat Prince.

The Story -

Your favorite characters are returning along with a cast of new characters - good and evil.

Will is entering almost a full year since starting his training as a squire and what a year it has been. From finding tunnels of murderous traitors to the fall of alliances, the lessons learned in fighting and the secrets uncovered.

Some of those secrets are there still to haunt him of course, namely the truth of who Marl truly is - a Prince of Thornten.

When a mysterious rider appears at Alamore, Will's hopes for a normal life - or as normal as a life can be while training to be a knight - again come crashing down. The Ranger gives him a cryptic warning before leaving Alamore secret orders and Will and his friends find that they have new concerns; that Marl has seemingly vanished and a new threat lurks in Alamore.

This new threat presents itself in the form of mysterious riders who've taken to the Alamore woods, attacking and threatening soldiers, turning men to spies in the very walls of the castle and taking their orders from their leader; the Cutthroat Prince.

BETA Reading

Want the chance to read this book not only first but free?

Make sure that you subscribe to my newsletter on this website is the first step. After that, keep your eyes on the newsletters I sent out each Saturday. There will be a chance to sign up as a BETA reader and get your copy of The Cutthroat Prince before publication in exchange for your honest review when it's live!


Well that's the fun part of all this. The book cover is not only designed but COMPLETED! I can't wait to reveal that to you in the coming weeks. That reveal will be via newsletter as well as social medias! So follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and on this website to make sure you don't miss that!

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