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Shadow of the Sword - Audiobook, Release Date, Vegas

Well, things are getting more and more serious...

If you have looked at Shadow of the Sword on Amazon, you may have seen the December release date. However, I have my suspicions that things will be running well ahead of schedule. Already this book has been read and reviewed by several BETA readers. It has passed the first rounds of edits. The formatting is nearly completed, the cover designs and specs are completed, and push now is marketing.

Marketing the book and, of course, getting the attention out there for the audiobook.

It is my immense pleasure to announce that Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore will be produced with the narration skills of Steve Coleman! Coleman is an England native who auditioned for this book and absolutely captured the feel and essence of the characters in the short clip. There were more than 10 other auditions but his truly raised the bar.

The tentative completion date for this project is the end of October, meaning that the book, and the audio, should be released before November. This is, in truth, the goal!

Reason being?

In November, for the second year running, I will be attending the 20 Books convention in Las Vegas. This convention hosts a huge number of creative minds, authors from around the world who gather together to learn and perfect our trade. With any luck, I intend to have Shadow of the Sword among those books available to purchase in person if you so care to meet the author in Las Vegas, NV.

Keep your eyes open for more information on that.

And keep your ears open for sneak-peeks of Coleman's adaption of Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore as he brings it to life for your Audible entertainment.

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