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Kindle Unlimited Fantasies That You Will Fancy

Kindle Unlimited is an amazing way for you to support your Indie Author community but I know that there are some hang ups...

Finding a brilliant read through Kindle Unlimited can be difficult at times - a lot of options but sometimes not a lot that you've heard of.

That being said, I always like to help readers find their next book - especially if it's Fantasy!

My own book, Ranger of Kings, is offered through Kindle Unlimited but, if you've already read that, here are some fantastic books you should check out that are on sale and/or enrolled for your KU enjoyment

In addition to these, I really recommend any lovers of Epic Fantasy check out Ben McQueeney's "The Spirt of Things" on Kindle Unlimited. The sequel, Whisper of Fire, was released earlier this month.

Additionally, I've added Autumn by Melissa Nash to my To Be Read list and can't tell you how excited I am for that book! It's already off to a fantastic start!

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