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Join the Adventure... Free books you won't want to miss

It's that time of month again, the start of a new adventure in this twelve chapter novel we call 2021. If you have subscribed to the newsletter, you may have realized that I love to share when authors, such as myself, are giving away free reads for you enjoyment!

Well, now I want to make sure you never miss a beat, even if you are a day late to the party! I will be sharing those lists here, in blog form.

Be sure to check through all of these and fill your To Be Read shelves with fantastic free books and stories in all genres but especially focused in Fantasy and Sci-Fi!

But hurry, these all end at the end of April, 2021.

1) - Indie April - when Indie Authors around the world are celebrating their decision to pursue the self-published lifestyle! Here you will find an assortment of books being offered for free through the month of April for readers, like you, to enjoy in the spring sun or a window seat during an April shower.

2) Some things are not as they appear.... under the surface and into adventure, dive into these free fantasy reads and fall in love with new characters this indie April.

3) Scifi or fantasy, sword or stars, you can never go wrong with these reads!

4) You know the only thing better than a set of free reads? A set of free reads downloaded onto a FREE KINDLE! That's right! You can win a Kindle Paperwhite through these giveaways! So go through, join the adventures and have your chance at a new eReader today!

5) These books are free if you are currently using Kindle Unlimited. If not, though, you are still in luck as many are offered as low as $2.99 and a perfect long book to read as the days grow longer!

I hope you've had a chance to look through each of these. Remember - all are very limited in time so do not delay!

Remember when you are seeking out free books, there are many authors who are willing to give you their books for little to nothing. There is never a reason to pirate anyone's livelihood. Books are made to be enjoyed but authors can't afford to always give their work for free. So, if you are interested in free novels and stories, check websites from authors, look through Amazon, and read your newsletters from any author carefully. More often than not, we are reaching out to let you know that we want to give you a copy of our book for FREE.

What we generally ask in exchange is that, if you enjoyed the book, you are kind enough to leave us a review on platforms such as Goodreads, Amazon, and Bookbub. And, if you really loved it, that you keep your eye out for other works we are offering. There is no joy greater than knowing our writing is bring pleasure and enjoyment to readers like yourself.

So be sure you subscribe to avoid ever missing a beat when it comes to these free reads!

Take care and read on my fine friends.

C. J. R. Isely


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