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Farewell to February Fantasy Freebies...

The month is nearly over, the final days creeping in this weekend and here we are, wondering what to read next. Perhaps that favorite that you always grab? Maybe the top book on that never ending TBR stack? Maybe something new?

My bank account growls when I ask myself the latter question. Literally, I can hear it growl.

But, fortunately for myself, and unfortunately for the ever growing stack of TBRs that physically take room in my house or virtually fill my phone, there are Solutions to this. Solutions that don't cost money.

If you are subscribed on my site, you perhaps see the emails where I share with you the great free books you get from authors in these limited time giveaways. If you don't, well you're missing out and you'll want to subscribe to avoid not getting your fill of free fantasy fantasticness. (please say that ten times fast and send me a recording, I'd love to hear it done.)

Each month myself and several other authors share which books we are giving readers for free and, as I like to make sure everyone is in the loop, I've decided to start including those book links in a monthly blog.

This blog will just be for free reads in general, not including Kindle Unlimited reads which gets us into a new kettle of fish (why are there fish in the kettle though, seriously?) Additionally, all these free novels, novelettes, and novellas are given away with the author's permission. None of that black market downloaded, scanned, and whatnot stuff that hurts your favorite authors and artist. As an author, I can stand for that!

But, without me procrastinating any longer, here the time to grab these books before the month ends!

1) This one is going to end on 2/28 AKA Sunday! Don't miss out. When in doubt, download the free book!

2) Also ends on the 28th so, knees to chest, hustle and download

3) This one gives you a little more time. This ends on the 8th of March. But seriously, why would you slack and procrastinate on free books? Just go get them claimed!

4) And this one has the longest deadline at March 17th. But, once more, why wait?

I hope you're finding some great works here and getting the chance to fill that TBR still more from some fantastic authors you might not have tried before. If you're wanting to stay up to date on free ebooks, especially free fantasy books, you'll want to make sure you subscribe on the site here and keep your eye on your emails. I assure you, I won't spam you! Just the occasional "Why wouldn't you want a brilliant bloody book" and that's it.

Now, happy reading my fine page flippers, and take care.

C. J. R. Isely


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