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Character Insights - Want to learn more about the characters of Alamore?

This is something I've been toying with for a while and I believe this seems the right time to do them.

If you've read the books in the world of Alamore, you've run into a fair number of characters. You may have realized, also, that a lot have their own stories, their own lives, and their own past traumas or successes.

These are things I normally know but never put down in words, so I've decided I'm going to start releasing Character Insights regarding those people of Alamore who you may want to know more about.

There are a few characters who will receive a bit more time to shine, as I hope to do a few spin-off series and have a few Novellas planned, but until then, why not come to the website to learn about the characters?

One of the first characters to be featured will be Sir Laster of Alamore - one of my absolute favorites, and one who has his own spin-off in the works (nothing long, but a Novella of his past all the same).

Which characters do you want to know more about? Who are your favorites? Who are your least favorites?

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