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Character Insights - Anryn Denbrek

First Appearance: The Cutthroat Prince

Description: Small frame, short, with greying blonde hair.

Bio: Anryn Denbrek is one half of the partnership that owns The Dancing Stag - the premier tavern of Alamore's capitol city. She is wife of Sir Richard of Alamore.

Anryn was born the eldest of the seven children born to a common-born woman and a Finnwick Soldier under Earl Kiva. She often accompanied her father to Finnwick as a small child, where she played with several of the younger boys of the castle including the Earl's son, Kenta, and the Earl's nephew, Richard.

When she was ten, Anryn's days of following her father were abruptly ended by the death of her mother. Anryn was quick to realize she needed to tend the family since her father was needed in Finnwick constantly and could not afford to take time to spend with them. She worked as many small jobs as she could find, doing anything to earn money to tend her siblings while making sure she was home to take care of her father when his day was done at the castle.

At sixteen, Anryn started working at Finnwick's tavern - The Destrier's Den. There she became a loved barmaid by many of the locals for her sharp wit, quick thinking, and pretty face. She never allowed soldiers to get out of hand in the Den and was fast to end any sign of a potential fight.

She was introduced once more to Kenta and Richard after they staggered into The Destrier's Den one winter night when Richard, a squire of Alamore, came to visit his cousin. They spent most of the evening revisiting old memories of their childhood. Reminiscing was cut short when a visiting soldier made a rude remark about Anryn and Richard tackled the stranger from across the table. It took Kenta, Anryn, and a bucket of ice water, to break the fight. By that point Richard had a broken lip, a black eye, and little sense of balance. Anryn was livid at him for not allowing her to take care of herself.

Kenta calmed her down, pulled Richard's arm over his shoulder, and promised he would bring his cousin back for an apology the next morning.

There was no need. Richard slipped from Finnwick before dawn to arrive at The Den and apologized to Anryn. After that, he used any free time from his training as a squire to ride to Finnwick and see Anryn.

Anryn traveled to Alamore the day that Richard was knighted. After being knighted, Richard brought Anryn to the city and informed her he'd purchased half shares in the abandon tavern there with another knight. When she asked why, he informed her that he would like to live in Alamore but he hoped she'd be closer. He proposed to her in the empty shell of a building that would become their tavern.

They were wed in The Dancing Stag.

Though they never were able to have children of their own, Anryn and Richard loved spending time with Sir Henry's two daughters and, later, acted as parents to Richard's squire and the third son of a Count; Haru.

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