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Character Insight - Sir Laster of Alamore

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Sir Laster of Alamore

First Appearance: Ranger of Kings

Description: Handsome, amber eyes, light brown hair, though arrogant and sneering much of the time.

Background: Laster is the youngest son of a noble house. In his early years as a squire, he worked constantly to earn the praise of his own father, though relied heavily on his knight for guidance and family. As a seventeen year old squire, riding through the forest on patrol with his knight, Laster and his knight were ambushed by Thornten Raiders, led by Prince Temrod - known more formally by his middle name, Marl.

Laster was captured by the youngest Thornten Prince - Prince Esrin. Though he fought to escape, this was fruitless and Marl killed his knight. Prince Esrin warned Laster not to fight or Marl would kill him too. Laster did not listen and ended up being subdued by use of Inanimus.

Prince Esrin recognized Laster as the son of a Alamore Noble and convinced his father - King Temrod of Thornten - to ransom Laster in exchange for money, information, and loyalties.

Laster struggled to find a way to escape from the prisons of Thornten. Twice he nearly managed when food was slipped in through the door, both times he was fought back, the second time he was beat by Marl. As he lay in the cell, Prince Esrin came to speak to him.

After days of wishing the youngest Prince nothing but the most painful death, Prince Esrin returned to give Laster the response from his own father: as far as his father was concerned, his son was already dead and not worth the ransom.

Knowing this meant his own death, Laster was taken aback with Prince Esrin offered him a bargain; if Laster brought him to Alamore, then Prince Esrin would help him escape.

They escaped in the dead of night only to run into knights of Alamore who had been planning their rescue of the squire, in the woods beyond Thornten. Prince Esrin was captured and returned to Alamore with them and Laster was brought back to continue his final months of training to become a knight.

After his father's heartless response and lack of emotion at Laster's rescue, Laster dropped his Surname and association with his family. His father never attempted to contact him again. Upon his knighting, Laster swore allegiance to those who had come to help him - the knights of Alamore, King Paradon and Prince Revlan.

Imagine: Laster, as imagined by AI art through Midjourney

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