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Character Insight - Prince Tabius

Introduced: The Cutthroat Prince ** Spoilers for The Cutthroat Prince **

Description: High cheek bones, black hair, black eyes, handsome. Teenager.

Rank: Prince Tabius is the only son of King Tollien of Thornten. He is next in-line heir for the Thornten throne.

Background: Prince Tabius was raised with his mother away from court. This was to reduce the risk that Alamore might attempt to use him in some way to subdue the constant attacks from Thornten.

For the first fourteen years of his life, he has lived on the eastern coast of Thornten, near the ocean, training with knights and other squires. His mother has never cared to much discuss the Thornten family history with Tabius, instead insisting he study Kings and Queens long gone. This bothered Tabius. It always seemed to him that some dark secret was being held from him, that he was being treated like a child instead of royalty. He quickly found new ways to occupy his time; wandering the practice courts with those squires who banded behind him, picking on younger squires, and venting his frustration on servants.

After King Tollien's squire - Robin - abandon Thornten to swear loyalty to Alamore, Tabius was brought to court to learn the ways of Thornten and act as Tollien's squire as well as to learn some from his uncle; Marl.

Tabius quickly became something of a ring leader among the squires of Thornten, befriending the largest and most violent of the squires - Draccart.

When in Thornten, Tabius had the first chance to truly spend time with his uncle, Marl. During practice with Marl, he asked him why neither his mother nor father seemed willing to discuss the past of the Thornten throne with him. Marl exposed the truth to him, gifted him his dagger, and mentioned that it might benefit Thornten if he himself had an heir, as he was planning to take Kelkor by Right of Blood.

This idea festered in Tabius until he finally came up with a plan. He would hunt his own cousin, William of Alamore, and bring him back to Thornten... He would become The Cutthroat Prince.

** Tabius's story is still being written within the William of Alamore books. The information given pertains to book 2 primarily. In order to avoid future spoilers, Tabius's insight page will remain unfinished for the time being **

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