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Book Four - What to Expect

In case you were wondering - Book Four is in the works for the William of Alamore series.

For some unknown reason, the beginning of a book is always the hardest for me to pen and this one has followed that trend.

But it finally is coming together to allow me to hit my stride and take off in writing this part of the William of Alamore series.

Yet - what does that mean? What can you, as the reader, expect to find in book four?

Well, I don't want to give too much away. I can assure that a slew of old characters - friends and enemies - will be returning. We will see familiar lands, unfamiliar enemies, the grey of characters, and the point between good and evil.

One of the things I'll be very excited to share is regarding the Ranger and his new squire... but can't spoil that for you.

Thornten's peace has ended - so why are they so silent? What might be happening that has them keeping to their own lands?

It's making Will uneasy.

A cryptic message from a hooded stranger will warn Will that the unnatural calm - the strange lack of battle or raids - is at an end and he'd do best to run. Because this time he won't want to be in the way. This time the enemy is much nearer to Alamore...

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