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Book Four - Cover request is in, Alpha reader starting, story coming together

It's been a crazy year! With the release of The Fallen Heir, Once Upon Another Time, and Shadow of the Sword, I really have loved every moment I have been able to write.

Of late, those moments are limited. With things of November turning to chaos, I was worried I might be too far behind.

But today, I put in the order for the cover of Book Four in the William of Alamore series to be created! I am seriously over the moon excited for this, as it means two things

  1. the book will be available for pre-order shortly

  2. The book will be in your hands and kindles relatively soon!

My amazing Alpha reader for this book has started to read as I post the beginnings of this rough story. She is helping me stay on track and giving feedback to ensure that this book keeps the world of Alamore and William's story top of mind.

What can you expect?

Well, as hinted at prior, you can see the Ranger get a squire.

You can see a new enemy arise out of a prior character.

You can see feasts, dancing, and good humor.

You can see it all in the pages of Book Four in the William of Alamore series.

The title voting is about to wrap up so, if you have thoughts, please run to Facebook to cast a vote.

Don't have Facebook? Comment or message and I'll add your vote.

Here are the options:

Royal Amongst Royals

Rogue of the Throne

The Royal Nomad

Nomad of the Throne

Let me know your thoughts! And keep your eye for the announce and title release for Book Four!

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