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A bit about the Future of Alamore

Good evening my fine readers!


The Cutthroat Prince has been out for five days and already made it into so many hands and gotten three five star reviews to date. It means so much to me, can't even explain it. I hope you're all enjoying the new adventures, old friends, and Rowan's ever present smart mouth.


But here's the point; In a discussion recently I was asked a question I realized I hadn't openly discussed much with my readers - how many books will there be in the William of Alamore series.

The short answer? 6. There are 6 rough draft books I wrote between the ages of 12 and 16 that I am revisiting and publishing. As I started these as a child without any idea on direction, I've got some gaping plot holes to fill in and redirect in order to have the books reach their conclusion correctly.

12 year old me didn't really have a plot, or even names, when I sat down and wrote. In fact, my original idea of Alamore included dragons in am epic fantasy (HA!) But when it morphed into low fantasy, I ran with it. This genre doesn't get much light but I've been so happy I tried it.

When it comes to the series, I'm working on the restructure now of book three - fill in plot holes and leave the bones of the story to guide it where it goes - and I've been mulling something over. I've been mulling over a spin off.

I've always wanted to do another tale in Alamore. The Falcon and The Stag, despite being a prequel, was written in 2020 (10 years after my original draft of book six) and I really enjoyed that work.

The spin off I really want to bring you all is The Ranger and his life before taking up his cloak and shadowed existence.

I don't want to spoil much here, as it might spoil the third book of the William of Alamore series. But what are your thoughts? Would you want to know more about the Ranger of Kings?

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